Primary research interests:

  • Comedy
  • Satire
  • Medieval literature & culture
  • Early modern literature & culture
  • Religious reformation, culture, & conflict
  • Polemical pamphlets
  • The evolution of timekeeping technology
  • Musicology


Digital Humanities Project:

Sixteenth-century Polemical Pamphlet Project (website)
A website featuring digital transcriptions of sixteenth-century polemical pamphlets with integrated analytical tools.


Mormons in Paris: Polygamy on the French Stage, 1874-1892. Critical translation of four French plays, with Corry Cropper. Forthcoming from Bucknell University Press (2020).

“Of Pastorals and Partisans: Nationalist Variations on the Myth of Rural Virtue in Sixteenth-Century Anti-Protestant Polemics.” Sixteenth Century Journal. Forthcoming (2020).

“Forging Satire from Scripture: Biblical Models and Verbal Violence before the Wars of Religion.” Polemic and Literature Surrounding the French Wars of Religion. Eds. Katherine S. Maynard and Jeff W. Kendrick. Medieval Institute Publications, Western Michigan University, 2019.

“La France satirisée, satyrisée et fragmentée : L’autoreprésentation factionnelle au temps des guerres de religion.” Littérature et politique : Factions et dissidences de la Ligue à la Fronde. Eds. Malina Stefanovska and Adrien Paschoud. Classiques Garnier, 2015: 75-96. (Classiques Garnier website)

 “Ceci n’est pas un conte: Glissant’s La Lézarde and the Treachery of Words in Postcolonial Discourse.” Watermark, vol. 5, 2011: 239-257. (journal website)

 Conference presentations:

“Shepherds, Swineherds, and Filthy Cities: The Myth of Rural Virtue in Sixteenth-century French Satire.” Sixteenth Century Society Conference, Milwaukee, WI, Oct. 2017.

“Satirized Scripture: Forging Satirical Weapons from the Bible in the French Wars of Religion.” Sixteenth Century Society Conference, Bruges, Belgium, Aug. 2016.

“Overtures to Violence: Artus Désiré and Théodore de Bèze at the Outset of the Wars of Religion.” Sixteenth Century Society Conference, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Oct. 2015.

“Voicing the Satyrical in Sixteenth-Century France: Divergent Satirical Strategies and Their Common Origins.” Sixteenth Century Society Conference, New Orleans, LA, Oct. 2014.

“The Poetics of Sacrilege: Corporeal Satire in the Reformation.” Sixteenth Century Society Conference, Cincinnati, OH, Oct. 2012.

“Writing the Fragmented Body: Satire as Weapon and Metaphor in the Wars of Religion.” Sixteenth Century Society Conference Fort Worth, TX, Oct. 2011.

“Unnerving Echoes: Du Bellay’s Disembodied Voices and the Impossibility of Forgetting.” Kentucky Foreign Language Conference, Lexington, KY, Apr. 2011.

“From Private Mockery to Public Scorn: Renaissance Satire and Nascent Subjectivities.” Renaissance Conference of Southern California, Pasadena, CA, Feb. 2010. 

“Instruments of Re-formation: The Watch as a De-Centering Force of the Reformation.” Renaissance Conference of Southern California, Pasadena, CA, Feb. 2009.


Radio Interviews:

Interview on The Morning Show, BYU Radio, “French Satire and the Charlie Hebdo Attacks.” Original airdate 13 Jan. 2015 (approx. 15 minutes).

Featured guest on Thinking Aloud, BYU Radio. “Satire and Social Change in Renaissance France.” Original airdate 7 May 2014 (approx. 30 minutes). (listen)